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A father on day release from jail meets with his son who brings him up to date on his life.

A cold official deals with a desperate man whose wife's body is about to be exhumed.

A father does not want his son to start Nurse studies. He goes looking for his son at a friend's house to convince him to study medicine in the United States.


A shady businessman pretends to support one of his employees at a mining camp abroad.

An explorer desperate for survival is rescued by someone who may be able to help him.

A painter obsessed with perfection is interrupted by his wife.

NETFLIX, Warrior Nun.

Esteban Ruiz is an art dealer from a dark past and he is the only one who knows where the map of the Medici Catacomb is.

A cowboy receives an unexpected visitor. No good news comes with him.

An inspector is very tactful to a psychopath.

An off-duty investigator tries to help the judge by visiting her at home.

A corrupt politician is forced to face the press.

A TV presenter starts a contest involving the public.

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