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Starring Ben Wishaw and directed by Kirill Serebrennikov, the film “Limonov -The Ballad” premieres in the official section of the Cannes Film Festival of this year. Victor Solé participates in a small part of the film in the role of Carlos, the pimp of one of Limonov's lovers.

Victor Solé en set en el rodaje de Limonov-The Ballad, película seleccionada en el Festival de Cannes de 2024
Victor Solé on set filming Limonov-The Ballad, a film selected for the 2024 Cannes Film Festival

The film is a biography of the Russian poet, who was a revolutionary militant, a murderer, a clandestine writer, a butler to a millionaire in Manhattan. But also a switchblade waving poet, a lover of beautiful women, a warmonger, a political agitator and a novelist who wrote of his own greatness. Eduard Limonov’s life story is a journey through Russia, America and Europe during the second half of the 20th century.

Victor Solé, shooting for a Netflix tv series in Belgium

Victor Solé has been shooting for a Netflix Belgium series, entitled Blind Sherlocks. This interesting story shows how the wiretapping law is being dramatically expanded because Belgium is in danger of losing the fight against organized crime. A scouting unit has been created specifically to bring down "super gangs". But what is special: two members of this unit, Roman and Meyrem, are blind. They have had to deal with unpleasant reactions all their lives, with underestimation, paternalism and skepticism. Until they rise above themselves and their disability turns out to be an exceptional talent.

Victor Solé is part of the excellent cast of actors in the short film “Where the Pines Complain” directed by Ed Antoja. The cast is led by the Goya-nominated actor for Cinco Lobitos, Ramon Barea, along with Francesc Orella (Merlí) and Almudena Amor (El Buen Patrón).

These different characters make up a rural community that wakes up to a crime scene in the middle of the forest. Little by little, a series of previous situations show us various conflicts that happened in the same place.

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