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The film stars Frank Grillo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) Isaac Valentine (Undisputed,

Acts of Revenge) directs from a script written by Jean Pierre Magro (Blood On The Crown).

Hounds of War focuses on “a group of mercenaries, who take on jobs that are considered impossible.

After a mission goes wrong due to a shocking betrayal, only one of them is left alive to avenge his fallen brothers.” Victor Solé plays the role of one of the mercenaries.

Hounds of War is a co-production between Trilight Entertainment and Jaggurnaught with Electric handling international sales of the film.

Victor Solé ended his participation in the fifth season of the award-winning Netflix series "The Crown". The filming between Málaga and Jérez featured, among others, the acclaimed actor Abdelatif Hwidar (Elite).

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Victor Solé is precisely the father of La Niña de la comunión. This feature film by A3media and Warner together with Ikiru Films addresses a little-known popular legend, that of the communion girl. "If you look for it, it appears in several places, in Granada, in Galicia, and although it is not as famous as that of the girl on the curve, precisely for that reason it gave us the freedom to develop a whole story and a universe around it" , says Edmond Roch. Late 1980s, in an undetermined town. Sara (Carla Campra) has just arrived in town and cannot find her place in that closed space. Her best friend is Rebe (Aina Quiñones), much more outgoing. One night they go to a disco, take drugs and on the way home they will find a doll dressed in communion. From that moment on, the nightmare will begin.