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Victor Solé attended the presentation of the nominations for the Gaudí Awards. Two of the films he participated in were nominated candidates: "La Niña de la Comunión" by Ikiru Film & Atres Media and "La Corriente, Ibiza Blue" directed by Jesús Lloveras.

Left to right: Edmon Roch, Maria Molins, Mercè Llorens, Victor Solé and Ariadna Papiol.

Left to right: Ainara Landon, Ferran Lahoz, Jesús Lloveras and Victor Solé

Victor Solé has been filming a television series in Senegal. This series produced by Canal + Internacional stars Seydina Balde as a disgraced architect who returns to Senegal for his father's funeral and unknowingly discovers a political conspiracy that pushes him into a dangerous fight against corruption. Richard Sammel (Inglourious Basterds) is also part of the series.

Victor Solé is part of the cast of the Netflix series directed by the talented Oriol Paulo. The TV series is about a prestigious soundtrack composer who, after a traumatic divorce, takes refuge in a remote corner of the Irish coast to regain inspiration. Secluded on a vast, secluded beach, the Tremore Beach house seems like the right place to do just that. Everything seems perfect... until the night of the big storm arrives.

"La Úlima Noche en..." la nueva serie del director Oriol Paulo para Netflix.
Left to right, Victor Solé. Javier Rey and Irene Ferré.
Victor Solé on set of the Netflix TV series.

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