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In addition to acting in series or movies, I also enjoy participating in some short films that I find interesting.


In this section, you can see some of the short films in which I have acted in a leading role. They are shorts that I am proud of, be it for their story, for the acting, their visual aspect, or for all of these reasons together. Each one has been made with love and dedication, usually with limited means compared to the Netflix productions or national or international movies in which I have participated, but I think the result of these short films is excellent.

If you have some time, you can enjoy them pressing play! 

Thank you!

Alexandra has played tennis since she was born. After training under the tutelage of Julio, her father, she became one of the most promising junior tennis players on the Spanish circuit. During the celebration of one of the most important tournaments of the 1978 season, the increasing pressure she suffers inside and outside the court, will affect her mental health. A nostalgic portrait of innocence and obsession.

After the death of his daughter, a street musician unexpectedly finds a way to get over the loss.

Miquel on a day release from prison must transport cocaine to France. Out of options, he tries to trick his son into transporting the drug, but unexpected news increases his doubts, forcing him to decide between his life or his son's.

OPEN. Live with it.
A couple's tranquil weariness is broken when they receive some videos via the internet in which they end up being the lead roles.

An explorer desperate for survival arrives at a secret place and meets a mysterious watchmaker who by helping him opens up a new and unexpected world.

An ordinary man discovers through a red folio that life can be more than the dictatorship of his routine, but the powers of repression will make use of all their weapons to maintain the status quo.

Jessey and Coy are two outlaws who have just killed the most important slave trader of the time and during the escape, their opposing priorities will clash.

Josey Mitzberg, a retired bounty-hunting assassin, receives the news that his son has been kidnapped and that to free him he must pay off some old debts.

Orson, a modest painter, searches for the desired perfection but the obsession can bring with it another world from which he will not be able to escape.

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